Back Pain FAQs

Back pain is one of the most common problems in the United States. Yet, many people may have many unanswered questions about it. The good news is you can get the answers you seek about back pain treatment at Westside Chiropractic, Rapid City, SD. We have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions about lower back pain, upper back pain, and seeing a chiropractor for pain treatment. Take a look:


What Are the Different Classifications of Back Pain?

There are typical classifications of back pain that may include acute and chronic back pain. Acute pain happens suddenly and can last between a few days and weeks. On the other hand, chronic back pain can come on slowly and last for more a long time or even indefinitely.

Does My Back Pain Require Immediate Attention from a Chiropractor Near Me?

Back pain may result from soft tissue or structural issues with the spine. It may not be an emergency. If you feel a radiating pain that shoots to your legs or glutes, it would be a good idea to go to our chiropractor in Rapid City since that could be a sign of nerve compression. Signs of a potential back pain emergency include sudden weakness in the legs and back pain accompanied by incontinence.

What Can I Expect when I Visit the Chiropractor?

If you have never had a chiropractic adjustment session, you might wonder what it will be like. We can assure you that there is nothing to be scared of. Your initial consultation includes assessing your current situation to help the chiropractor curate a treatment plan that is suitable for you. It may involve questions about your medical history, inspection of various parts of your back, and more.

How Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Help with Back Pain Treatment?

Our chiropractor applies pressure to the vertebrae of the spine. This can help reduce misalignment and, in turn, can help increase the range of motion and alleviate inflammation.

Visit Us for Lower Back Pain and Upper Back Pain Treatment

Are you looking for a chiropractor in Rapid City, SD? Look no further than us at Westside Chiropractic. We strive to ensure that our patients get a wholesome experience. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services. Call our “chiropractor near me” at (605) 342-4333. We are here to provide natural and holistic chiropractic care so that you can get pain relief and pain management.


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  • "My husband's life started changing after his first appointment with Dr. Krysl. He has less pain and is sleeping better! We can't wait to get our son in. Thank you so very much!"
    Elaina O.
  • "Dr. Nick has helped my deal with almost 30 years of migraines! I have now been going for a month and I have only had one since my first visit! I was having horrible migraines from 2-3 times a week! Thank you Dr. Nick and the awesome staff and Westside Chiropractic! I can hopefully start enjoying a normal life again! Oh I forgot to say that I am not taking my prescription anymore as well!"
    Joseph L.