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We are glad you have chosen us and want to say thank you for entrusting us with your health care needs. Choosing a chiropractor in Rapid City, SD or a health care facility is not a decision that you make lightly. Our promise to you is we will do everything in our power to earn that trust and exceed all of your expectations.

To us, your health is highest priority. We believe that health is by choice and not by chance. We can help with back, neck, and joint pain.

We use what we call a “whole person approach” to health. That means that we don’t only look for the cause of the symptom but also for any underlying causes of disturbance or disruption within your entire body. This approach is how our body can propel itself to a greater level of health or “wellness.” Using this unique wellness strategy, we are able to help you accelerate and maintain your journey to true health. You are welcome to join our family and we care for the entire family, every age, even just hours old!

Along with aiding your family to live a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Krysl, a chiropractor in Rapid City, SD, also specializes in corrective chiropractic care, focusing on spinal rehabilitation and curve correction. As one of a handful of doctors in the state who provide this specific technique, we are constantly applying new health development programs for our practice and our community. We also can assist with acute sports, work, or automobile injuries. As you will read in our techniques section, we also provide nutritional consultations with follow through support and supplementation for a wide variety of patients, from sports performance to weight loss.

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